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Xmas Pairs Competition 18th December
Thank you all so much for turning up today, not one person cried off!
The weather was Rain Rain and more Rain for the morning session. 
Amazing for all of you giving it a go.
The afternoon was kinder to us, a great finish to this horrible year.
PAIRS 18/12  -   RESULTS

NAMES                                         RESULTS

Neil/Brenda Morgan                           6
Keith/Jean Lambert                               4
Nearest to Elf                                     Neil
Glenda/Mike Smith                            5
Gaynor P /Wendy                                3
Nearest to Elf                                     Mike

Alan/Sue Dickinson                            5
Sue/John Norrish                                5
Nearest to Elf                                    John

David/Jo Lougher                              4
Teresa A/Paul Todd                              3
Nearest  to Elf                                   David

Geeti/Tom C                                      6
Graham N /Ted McGrath                      4

Mike M/Diana P                                10
Debbie/Phil                                          5

Mike R/Ian O                                       4
Peter/Linda McWilliam                      6

Howard/Michael T                                5
Nuala/Steve Puttock                          9
Pairs Competition - 15 December 2020
 lan Dickinson/Phil Malin             16
Teresa Attlee/Bob Parkin                3
Mike Masson/Gaynor Payne         15 
Keith Lambert/Jean Lambert           2
Jo Lougher/David Lougher               7                                       
Sue Norrish/John Norrish                6
Michael Trippick/Howard Wilkins     7                                     
Geeti Granger/Ian Oldfield               4
The games were competitive and looked fun.
Amazing we did not get wet,
Pairs Competition 11th December 2020
What a brilliant turnout today.
We were all so competitive no one noticed the storms etc!
Linda/Peter.            12
Geeti/Tom.               3
Neil/Brenda.             5
Keith/Jean.               9
Mike/Glenda.            3
John/Sue.               19
Nuala/Gaynor.          8
Jo/David.                  7
Howard/ Mike T       12
Debbie/Phil.            10
Teresa/Bob.              7
Mike M/ Mike R.       3
We had sun, rain and a glorious rainbow, the fun and laughter echoed around Clanfield !
Post Lockdown Pairs Competition - 9th December 2020
Excellent turnout for the chilly pairs competition!
Here are results:
Tom C/ Bob P                      12
Wendy/Geeti                         4
Sue/Alan   D                        10
Brenda/Neil M                       9
Michael T/ Howard W           12
Teresa A /Mike M                  4
Sue/ J Norrish                      15
Jean/Keith Lambert                7
Nuala A/Mike E                     8
Phil M/Debbie M                    7
Well done to all who took part today

Pre-Lockdown Pairs Competition - 4 November 2020

Organised Bonfire parties may have been cancelled, but our members made their own fireworks with a sparkling display of skilled bowling!

 It was explosive, sparkling and show stopping action throughout the afternoon, and that was just from Glenda and Mike on the bench .



David & Josie Lougher



Caroline & Ivor Cahill


Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins



Chris & Michelle Upfield


Mick Burgess & Paul Todd       



Graham Nicklen & Gaynor Payne  


Phil Malin & Debbie Martin



Geeti Granger & Tom Costello  


Richard Bousher & Diana Pickford



John & Sue Norrish                 


Neil & Brenda Morgan               



Jean & Keith Lambert


Bob Parkin & Nuala Atkey



Peter & Linda McWilliam       



Well done to all who took part, and a big thank you to Mike & Glenda Smith, Sue Restell and Ian Oldfield for stepping in at short notice to help with stewarding.



Pairs Competition - 30 October 2020

I am so pleased with the turn out today. It was a miserable drizzly wet day, but that did not dampen the spirits of our bold and competitive bowlers. Waterproofs and towels were the order of the day and that was just the duty steward!  

Most games went ahead, with the following results:

Peter & Linda McWilliam                          10pts
Howard Wilkins & Michael Trippick       11pts
Debbie Martin & Phil Malin                   9pts
Nuala Atkey & Geeti Granger               7pts
David & Josie Lougher                         9pts
Teresa Attlee & Bob Parkin                  8pts   
All were very close and enjoyable games. Thank you all who took part.
Please view the photographs in the gallery.
First Book Up, Roll Up & Bowl Competition  
Today was the first time post Covid we held an internal fun competition.
It was pairs, and greatly received by all.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and fun and laughter was in abundance, until we bowled!!
Feedback was very positive. It was great fun, here are the results :
Sue and John Norrish                    11pts
Teresa Attlee/Bob Parkin                 4pts
Michael Trippick/Mike Eaton           14pts
Caroline and Ivor Cahill                    3pts
Paul Todd/Steve Puttock                11pts
Chris/Michelle Upfield                     5pts
Debbie Martin/Phil Malin                17pts
David/Jo Lougher                             5pts
Result, let’s do it again
Last 100 Club Draw - July
The last 100 Club took place early in August. Sue Evans is the lucky winner of £50.00. 
In the present circumstances, it would be difficult to continue with this fundraising activity so you may like to help us raise money for our Club by buying some tickets in the EAST HAMPSHIRE COMMUNITY LOTTERY where we are listed as one of the 'Good Causes' (see our EHDC Lottery page for more details).
Geeti G
100 Club Draw - June
The 100 Club draw for June took place at the Club on Monday, 6 July 2020. Number 82 was drawn so Wendy Peters is the lucky winner of £100.00. 
Geeti G
Great News! We Re-Opened for Bowling
After a successful 3-day trial, we re-opened for bowling on alternate days, starting on Saturday, 4 July 2020. This is a significant milestone in our plan to return to a 'new normal' and we look forward to seeing many of our members on the rinks again. 
Geeti G
A 3-day trial is to be run on Saturday, 20 June, Monday, 22 June and Wednesday, 24 June. The Committee will reconvene on Thursday, 25 June to review the results of the trial and the current HMG advice to discuss an appropriate way forward.
Geeti G
Sport England Community Emergency Fund Award
In May, we were delighted to have been awarded an amount of £1090 of National Lottery funding from Sport England’s Community Emergency Fund to help towards our various overhead costs during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

The outbreak of the virus and the consequent shutdown of businesses as of March 23 has left the sport and physical activity sector facing a period of uncertainty. In response, on March 31 Sport England announced a £195m package to help the sport and physical activity sector through COVID-19. Within the package is a £20m Community Emergency Fund, of National Lottery money to deliver immediate funding to those who have a role in supporting the nation to be active but are experiencing short-term financial hardship or the ceasing of operations due to the impact of COVID-19.

The grant will help Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club to pay for such things as maintenance costs of the Pavilion and Bowling Rinks as well as broadband, website, software and other costs of preparing the Club for safe re-opening.
Teresa A 
100 Club Draw - May
The 100 Club draw for May took place at the Pavilion. Number 91 was drawn but, for the second consecutive draw, the number hasn't been sold. The prize money for the next draw will again be £100.00. 
Geeti G  
100 Club Draw - April
The 100 Club draw for April took place at the Pavilion on 2 May. The number 98 was drawn but, as this number has not been sold, the prize money for the next draw will be £100.00. The draw was made by Michael Trippick and witnessed by Karen Eaton.
Geeti G   
April 2020

New Bowls Wheelchair
We are delighted to inform Members that we were recently successful in being awarded a grant by the iGas Energy Community Fund to enable us to purchase a new manual Bowls Wheelchair and Bowls Arm. We look forward to seeing the wheelchair and bowls arm in operation in due course.

Teresa A 
100 Club Draw - March
The 100 Club draw for March took place at the Pavilion on 31 March. Sue Woodhouse is the lucky winner of £50.00, being the owner of number 58 which, because of the current circumstances, was drawn out by Karen Eaton in front of a witness, Mike Smith.
Geeti G 

Friendly Match against Waterlooville
This match was played at Waterlooville on Sunday, 8 March 2020. We played 3 rinks and 3 triples as Waterlooville only has 6 rinks. Linda and Peter, who are members of the Waterlooville Bowls Club, made us feel most welcome, and we all had a great time and a good laugh – until we started bowling!!! Seriously, we all had a good time and had some close matches. Tea was planned for us after 16 ends but, due to a very heavy shower, we all had to run for cover so had tea after 6 ends. 

This was our very first outdoor away match since we opened in April 2019. Thanks to all the players who turned out for Clanfield and played very well for such a new club. You can all hold your heads up high as most of the Waterlooville players have been bowling for years and we’ve only been bowling for 10 months!! 

Phil, Teresa, Debbie and Mike                 17-16     A win for Clanfield
Alan, Tracey, Carol and Barry                 16-19     Very close match 
Howard, Nuala and Bob                          9-16      Another close one
Michael T, Diana and Geeti                     6-16
Mick B, Wendy and Mike R                     5-26
Gaynor, Ian, John S and Ed McGrath       6-34

A few of us had problems trying to get out afterwards – Michael T thought he was going out but entered the shed and someone else ended up in the tennis courts!! Nuala thought she knew where she was going when she headed for her car but ended up walking round Jubilee Park in search of it. Such Fun!

Nuala A 



Friendly Match against Palmerston, Fareham
This was our first away match and, for most of us, the first one indoors! Hospitality was amazing and the president made us feel very welcome. All Palmerston team members made us feel at home and helped us throughout. The experience was wonderful, food was delicious and a raffle was arranged as well.

Peter, Linda and Byron         18-14
Nuala, Alan and Sue             12-17
Debbie, Phil and Mike           17-21
Wendy, David and Gaynor     6-38
Howard, Tracey and Jo         11-33
Teresa, Mick and Mike          5-30

As the scores show, there was 1 win and some close matches which was a great result as 80% of our bowlers have never played indoors before. Everyone did their best and came away with heads held high. A special thanks to Phil Malin who stepped up to be our Captain for the day and did an excellent job.

 Nuala A
2020 AGM
Our first AGM was held on 26 February 2020 and was attended by 49 trustees, committee members and members. Michael Trippick, our Chairman & Club Secretary, welcomed everyone and introduced Graham Withers, Finance & Legal, who presented the Club accounts for 2018-19 and the current accounts for 2019-2020 as they stood on 14 February 2020. Graham also presented a number of changes that the Management Committee recommended are made to the Constitution and Club Rules. 

Michael then gave his report during which he described the milestones and achievements, our bowls programme and the range of leisure activities of 2019-20. He then covered our plans for 2020-21 and the challenges we expect to face. This was followed by the election of the Management Committee and a question and answer session. As a finale, Michael showed a video which gave a bird's eye view of the Club and surrounding area and to round off the evening light refreshments were served.

See MINUTES for full details. If any member would like a copy of the minutes, the attendee and apologies list and the accounts please let Geeti Granger know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Geeti G
Valentines Roll Up
Roses were red, Carnations were pink, Love was in the air on the bowling rink on Valentine's Day!!

21 players lovingly arrived for this romantic roll up.

Best romantic dressers were Alan & Sue and Sue also guessed the correct amount of rose petals in the jar. There were 74 and Sue guessed 78. As a treat she was able to take the petals home !!!!!!
Linda McWilliam and Barry Carter won the love teddies on the rink.
We played 8 ends and had great fun:
Winners - Jo & David Lougher
Runners up - Barry & Carol Carter
Well done everyone.

 Nuala A
100 Club Draw - January
The 100 Club draw for January took place at the Pavilion during the Friday Board Games on 31st January. The number drawn out was one that has not been purchased. This means the unclaimed £50 will be added to February’s draw, making the total prize for the winning number at the end of February £100. 

Teresa A
Rabbie Burns Rollup

It was a bleak Scottish mist that settled on the rinks at Clanfield as we prepared for RABBIE BURNS Roll Up yesterday morning (25/1).

15 players turned up and all had a great time, until we started bowling!!

Our first game was to bowl nearest to the little Scottish teddy.  The winner was Brian McFoster!
The games were competitive and very close although it was a tad wee cold! (Thank goodness kilts were optional!!!)
Welcomed by all was cock-a-leekie/scotch broth and tomato soup with warm rolls.
It was our first fun roll up of 2020.
I would like to give a special thank you to Ian Oldfield who set up the rinks, and Kathy Trippick and Jo Lougher for their invaluable help in the kitchen plus great support from Byron and Joce.
Ian, Teresa & Nuala                                                         11 points
beaten by
David Lougher, Phil Malin & Debbie Martin                  14 points 
Brian Foster & Graham Nicklen                                      16 points
(Couple of ends from Carol Carter)
Joint 2nd                           
Linda and Peter McWilliam, Gaynor & Barry                         8 points
Mike Masson & Mick Burgess                                             7 points
Nuala A