As stated, Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club is a registered Charity and members-only Club. In every aspect of the operation we are trying to keep things as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

FULL MEMBERSHIP (1 April-31 March)  fee is £120 per annum. 
This allows each Full Member to play unlimited bowls with no extra charges in the short term. If and when we decide to enter league play there may be nominal, one-off playing fees per match. The membership fee also entitles the member to attend their choice of social events (subject to any space limitations).

WINTER MEMBERSHIP (between 31 August and 1 April) – fee is £60 for the seven months period.
This membership allows latecomers and fellow bowlers from other clubs whose rinks close in winter to join. They will enjoy the same benefits as Full Members for the remaining part of the year.

At the start of the next full membership year, Winter Members will have the choice of joining as a Full Member or of renewing their winter membership in the following September.

Please Note: A range of bowls and equipment is made available for new bowlers.

To join click on the Join Us/Renew button: