16 December
Christmas Quiz Evening
A very successful and fun evening was had by all who came to the Christmas Quiz thanks to the help and support from all who were there.
A special thank you goes to:
  • Quiz Master Tony for a great, if challenging, set of seasonal questions.
  • Mike E for joint Quiz Mastering, score keeping and hilarious costumes.!!!  
  • Mike S for running the bar. 
  • Karen for the constant topping up, helping with the food, bin emptying, cleaning and numerous other tasks behind the scenes.
  • Yvonne for front of house and table clearing.
  • Glenda for the ploughmans.

4 June 2023

Open Day, Sunday, 4 June 2023
Our second Open Day was a great success and went way beyond even our wildest expectations! A number of volunteers contributed to this success during the planning phase, and/or on-the-day and/or after-the-day follow up by undertaking the numerous tasks involved in such an event.

We welcomed 77 visitors who came to look around, learn more about the activities we can offer, have a cup of tea/coffee and a piece of cake and, in some instances, try their hand at bowling as well.

Nearly 20 Full and Sports new members joined on the day with a further 7 joining since then or just before as a result of our adverts in Stay Local or our leaflet. Another 21 people, who weren't able to bowl on the day, put their names down for a Taster Session which is being arranged as soon as possible so we are hoping they will result in more new members.

Our sincere thanks go to our volunteers, all of whom played an important part in making the day so successful, especially Marilyn Charleton, who led the planning team, enlisted volunteers and coordinated all aspects of the day to ensure everything went like clockwork.

CBSC Management Committee.

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