Spanish Wine Tasting Evening, Saturday, 
4 February 2023 
Phill Humphries very kindly organised a wine tasting evening (which was very well attended!) at the beginning of February. During the evening everyone was able to taste 6 different wines.

You may be able to tell from the PHOTOS that a good time was had by all!!! Thank you Phill.


Robbie Burns Roll Up, Thursday, 26 January 2023
Despite the cold a great time was had by all those who went to the Robbie Burns Roll Up whether it was to bowl or just to enjoy watching the hardy souls out on the rinks from the comfort of the warm Pavilion. The PHOTOS tell the story very eloquently!

Well done to the winners Linda McWilliam and David Lougher & the runners up Sue Heighton and Phil Malin who braved the cold.

Mar-Sep 2022

Friendly Matches Programme – 2022 
Michael Trippick organised a Friendly Matches Programme for 2022 which included 21 matches against a range of clubs, some of which played on grass.

Of the 21 matches we:

  • Were able to play 18 matches, 8 of which were on grass.
  • Won 6 matches, 5 at home and 1 away on grass.

Click HERE for full details of the programme with some photos and a request for information to help plan next year's programme.


Summary of Annual General Meeting, 2022
This year's AGM was held on Wednesday, 28 September 2022. Some of the highlights were:

  • Finances
    The Club’s finances are in a healthy condition despite the reduction in sales in the bar/kitchen following its closure due to the COVID pandemic. Provision is being made to replace the carpet in due course.
  • Membership
    The number of members is steadily growing and has increased by 24 to 170 since the previous AGM.
  • Milestone Achievements
    • Maintained the 5-star catering certificate and alcohol licence
    • Resolved Changing Rooms and Kitchen drainage issues
    • A visit from local MP on 11 March 2022
    • Solar Panel Installation
  • Bowling Activities
    • 21 Friendly matches were arranged for 2022
    • Roll Ups on 6 days a week
    • Beginners Roll Up introduced 10 August 2022
    • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Events held on 3 June 2022
    • 2 Knockout Challenges
    • Children’s Fun Afternoon
  • Challenges
    • Clanfield Football Club
    • Maintaining Membership
    • Kitchen Extension

Thanks to everyone for your help and support throughout the year.

Click HERE to read the AGM minutes or take a look at the copy that can be found on the Notice Board in the Pavilion.


Knockout Challenge, Saturday, 3 September 2022
Our thanks go to Caroline Cahill who organised a second very successful Knockout Challenge on Saturday, 3 September 2022.

Click HERE to read her report of the day.


EHDC Councillors Support Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club Solar Panels Project
Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club members are celebrating the installation of solar panels to the Pavilion roof thanks to the generosity of East Hants District Councillors. The Club is a charity, run entirely by volunteers, who have been looking at ways to reduce the heating bills and carbon footprint.

A Club spokesperson commented:
This year, with the energy crisis starting to bite, and the costs of materials and labour rising at an alarming rate, we decided to press ahead and install a 6.6Kwh system at a cost of just under £8000. A Heating & Energy Efficiency review, commissioned last year, confirmed that solar panels could reduce our costs by some £800pa and our carbon emissions by at least one tonne pa.

The Club sought advice from Lisa Clements (EHDC Community Development Officer) about funding opportunities from the local councillors. Once the Club committee had received positive pre-application advice from EHDC, their landlord, Clanfield Parish Council, gave its blessing to the project. Applications for funding were met with a great response with Cllr Agate, Cllr Evans, Cllr Gottlieb, Cllr Hatter, Cllr Moon and Cllr Woodard each agreeing to commit support. The solar panels were installed on the morning of 24 August and by that evening all cooking in the Club was done using energy generated by the solar panels!

Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club will be arranging a ‘solar panels launch’ in due course when they will be able to show Councillors and others the benefit of renewable energy.

Click HERE to see a few photos.


Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, 3 June 2022
The day's events started with the National Anthem being played as the Union Jack was raised up our new flagpole. This was followed by the Right Royal Roll Up for Triples and Pairs. With everyone in good spirits, and some in fancy dress, the games began. After some close matches the winners were declared and Nuala presented them with their prizes:

Triples: Gaynor, Keith and Mike (R)
Pairs: Marilyn & Peter (M)
Fancy Dress Competition: Caroline & Ivor

Following on from the Roll Up were the games for the younger members of the Club which were fun and a great success. It was then the turn of the ‘grown ups’ to play the Spider and a series of other exacting challenges, many of which left us wondering if we’d every bowled a bowl before!!

By now the afternoon was well advanced and our thoughts turned to the BBQ which was being prepared and cooked by Peter (L) and Mike (T), ably supported by Frances and Barbara. The hot dogs and burgers were cooked to perfection and accompanied by plenty of fried onions and salad. What more could we need? After a short break to let the hot dogs and burgers settle a selection of delicious desserts were unveiled. The star attraction was the Jubilee Cake made by Barbara which, once David had made the ‘first cut’, was a great hit with us all.

During all the above the bar was open so, as the evening progressed, we all became more and more relaxed before wending our way home for a well-deserved rest.

Some photos can be found HERE and HERE.


Clanfield Challenge, 15 May 2022
We gave our newly acquired gazebo its first outing at the Clanfield Challenge, We were there to promote the Club and make more people in the village aware of what we have to offer. We started off well and soon had some younger members wanting to try out the target bowls Nuala was running and we had interest from their parents who signed up for a taster session. Sadly, after a promising start the weather changed to continuous heavy rain! Undeterred, we stayed until nearly all the races were over and the spectators had run for cover. 


Knockout Challenge, Friday, 29 April 2022
Caroline Cahill organised a very successful Knockout Challenge on Friday, 29 April 2022. As the 32 members who were taking part arrived and learnt who they were playing with and against the tension began to build. Some had their eyes on the winning plaques and medals from the start so the feeling of fierce (but friendly!!) competition began to build.

Several supporters came along as well to encourage the teams and cheer the bowlers as the day progressed. Everyone there was able to enjoy a selection of delicious refreshments to keep them going throughout the day.

After some very close matches the overall winners were Mike Eaton & Mike Richardson and Tony Glover & Neil Lane were the runners up.

The Plate competition for those who didn't win their first game was won by Alan Dickinson & Steve Irons and the runners up were Tom Costello & Dick Parsons.

David Charleton, who flew in from Florida, presented the plaques and medals to the winners. 

More photos that capture many of the memorable moments can be viewed HERE and HERE.

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