14 February 2024

St Valentine's Roll Up – Starting at 14:00
This will be a regular r at the usual time, but we encourage members to wear something appropriate for the occasion, e.g. hearts or something red.

16 February 2024

60s & 70s Disco Night with DJ Keith

Do come along to listen to the music and dance the night away!

Bar opens at 18:30. Music from 19:00-22:30.
Carriages at 23:00.

Cost: £5.00 for members & £7.00 for Full members' guest.

Sale of tickets for Full members' second guest will start on
Friday, 9 February 2024.

Please send an email to Glenda
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
to reserve your place.

Tickets are limited to 35.

Pre-booked (BEFORE THE NIGHT) cheese or ham Ploughman's will be served at 19:30.


24 February 2024

Six Nations – England Rugby Games
We are planning to show the England Six Nations rugby games in the Pavilion for anyone who would like to come along to watch them with fellow members and their guests.

The next game is against Wales on
Saturday, 24 February 2024 starting at 16:45. 

(See attached file for full schedule.)

The bar will be open for anyone who would like a drink while they watch the game. 

24 February 2024

Quiz Night

Bar opens at 18:30. Quiz starts 19:00. 

Cost: £2.00 for members & £3.00 for Full members' guest.
Please send an email to Glenda
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
to reserve your place.

Maximum places42.

Pre-booked (BEFORE THE NIGHT PLEASE) cheese or ham Ploughman's will be served at 19:30.

 26/10/2021 Pairs & Triple Friday 22 October - RESULTS
Mary & Tom Costello, Avril Wright                          15pts
Tracey Wilkins, Graham Nicklen & David Charleton 3pts
Mick Burgess & Michael Trippick                             14pts
Jo & David Lougher 6pts
John Norrish & Howard Wilkins                                11pts
Teresa Attlee & Nuala Atkey 7pts
26/10/2021 Pairs Wednesday 20 October - RESULTS
Ted McGrath & Bob Parkin              9pts
Shelagh Clarke & Michael Trippick 5pts
Pete Crowley & Mick Burgess        13pts
Jo & David Lougher 11pts
Mary & Tom Costello                       23pts
Steve Irons & Pete Newton 9pts
 26/10/2021  Single & Pairs Friday 15 October - RESULTS
Micheal Trippick & Steve Dallen        11pts
Wendy Peters & Ted McGrath 11pts
Geeti Granger & Roger Ebbutt           12pts
Sue & Alan Dickinson 6pts
Martin Sparshottt & Mick Burgess     10pts
Steve Irons & Bob Parkin 7pts
Mike Richardson                                  19pts
Graham Nicklen 3pts
 26/10/2021 Single, Pairs & Triples Wednesday 13 October - RESULTS
Nuala Atkey & Pete Crowley                                          14pts
Mary & Tom Costello 11pts
Bob Parkin                                                                         9pts
Ted McGrath    7pts
Carol Carter, Richard Bousher & Alan Dickinson        13pts
Sue Dickinson, Sylvia Burrows & Barry Carter 12pts
Micheal Trippick & Steve Irons                                      13pts
Di Pickford & Mick Burgess 10pts
Ruth Newton & Mike Richardson                                    10pts
Geeti Granger & Pete Newton      9pts
 26/10/2021 Pairs & Triples  Friday 8 October - RESULTS
Jean & Keith Lambert and Neil Morgan            12pts
Mary & Tom Costello and Brenda Morgan 9pts
Di Pickford & Sue Dickinson                              13pts
Mick Burgess & Alan Dickinson    11pts
Jo & David Lougher & Nuala Atkey                   11pts
Wendy Peters, Michael Trippick & Steve Irons 6pts
Mike Richardson & Mike Eaton                          17pts
Steve Puttock & Tony Glover 11pts
26/10/2021 Pairs Wednesday 6 October - RESULTS
Brenda Morgan & Pete Crowley         16pts
Mike Eaton & Neil Morgan 12pts
Mick Burgess & Mike Richardson      13pts
Mary & Tom Costello 5pts
David Lougher & Ben Greenlees        10pts
Jo Lougher & Neil Morgan 10pts
26/10/2021 Pairs Friday 1 October - RESULTS
Wendy Peters & Steve Irons                 9pts
Shelagh Clarke & Graham Nicklen 6pts
Geeti Granger & Michael Trippick      11pts
Jo & David Lougher 4pts
Mike Richardson & Steve Puttock      19pts
Mike Eaton & David Gray 4pts
 2/10/2021  Pairs & Single Friday 24 September - RESULTS
Michael Trippick & Bob Parkin               19pts
Gaynor Payne & Ted McGrath 7pts
Geeti Granger & Graham Nicklen            9pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan 9pts
Mike Richardson                                      15pts
Mick Burgess 7pts

Triple & Single Wednesday 22 September - RESULTS

Michael Trippick, Mick Burgess & Ted McGrath        11pts
Nuala Atkey, David Lougher & Bob Parkin 9pts
Mike Richardson                                                            18pts
Geeti Granger 4pts
 20/9/2021 Pairs  Friday 17 September - RESULTS
Geeti Granger & Michael Trippick         20pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath 13pts
David Lougher & Mick Burgess               8pts
Jo Lougher & Mike Richardson 5pts

Triples Wednesday 15 September - RESULTS

Brenda & Neil Morgan and Ted McGrath                    9pts
Gaynor Payne and Mary & Tom Costello 8pts
Teresa Attlee, Sue Dickinson & Michael Trippick       9pts
Mick Burgess, David Lougher & Alan Dickinson 8pts
 20/9/2021  Single & Pairs  Friday 10 September - RESULTS
Shelagh Clarke                                          16pts
Sam Sadler 5pts
David Charleton & Graham Nicklen         12pts
Mary & Tom Costello    10pts
Wendy Peters & Michael Trippick           19pts
Nuala Atkey & Teresa Attlee       9pts
Mick Burgess & Mike Richardson            13pts
Jo & David Lougher 12pts

Pairs Wednesday 8 September - RESULTS

Debbie Martin & David Lougher          11pts
Michael Trippick & Phil Malin 10pts
 9/9/2021 Pairs & Triples Friday 3 September - RESULTS
Avril Wright & Tom Costello                                          14pts
Gaynor Payne & Mary Costello 3pts
Sam Sadler & Phil Malin                                                 13pts
Debbie Martin & Shelagh Clarke    12pts
Nuala Atkey & Teresa Attlee                                             9pts
Jo & David Lougher       8pts
Brenda Morgan, Geeti Granger & Martin Sparshott      13pts
Jean Lambert, Neil Morgan & Mick Burgess 10pts
Mike Richardson & Michael Trippick                              28pts
Bob Dickie & David Gray      3pts

Pairs & Triples Wednesday 1 September - RESULTS

Mary Costello, Michael Trippick & David Lougher   9pts
Jo Lougher, Mike Eaton & Tom Costello 9pts
Geeti Granger & Neil Morgan                                    14pts
Brenda Morgan & Bob Dickie     10pts
Debbie Martin, Mick Bugess & Alan Dickinson       17pts
Sue Dickinson, Mike Richardson & Phil Malin     11pts
 3/9/2021  Single, Pairs & Triples Friday 27 August - RESULTS
Ian Oldfield                                                               9pts
Gaynor Payne 6pts
Teresa Attlee, Nuala Atkey & Howard Wilkins    11pts
Geeti Granger, Michael Trippick & Bob Parkin    10pts
Martin Sparshott, Jo & David Lougher                17pts
Mike Masson, Caroline & Ivor Cahill       7pts
Rob Renshaw, Mike Richardson & Phil Malin       8pts
Steve Puttock, David Gray & Bob Dickie 7pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan                                            15pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen      10pts

Debbie Martin, Tracey Wilkins & Mike Eaton       15pts
Mick Burgess, Jean & Keith Lambert 7pts

Pairs & Triples Wednesday 25 August - RESULTS

Debbie Martin & Phil Malin                                 14pts
Mary & Tom Costello 9pts
Mike Masson & Michael Trippick                       13pts
Dave Meredith & Howard Wilkins     7pts
Nuala Atkey, Mike Eaton & Bob Parkin             20pts
Avril Wright, Shelagh Clarke & Mick Burgess     5pts
Jo & David Lougher                                            17pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan 11pts
Mike Richardson, Sue & Alan Dickinson          17pts
Geeti Granger, Caroline & Ivor Cahill 6pts
 23/08/2021  Pairs Friday 20 August - RESULTS
Debbie Martin & Tracey Wilkins            12pts
Shelagh Clarke & Sam Sadler 5pts
Howard Wilkins & Michael Trippick       18pts
Mike Masson & Phil Malin      3pts
Geeti Granger & Avril Wright                   9pts
Jean & Keith Lambert       7pts
Mary & Tom Costello                               13pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen 8pts
Sue & Alan Dickinson                              13pts
David Lougher & Martin Sparshott      8pts

Brenda & Neil Morgan                             20pts
Wendy Peters & Chris Moon 4pts
Steve Puttock & Bob Parkin                    21pts
Geeti Granger & Mick Burgess 4pts

 Pairs & Triple Wednesday 18 August - RESULTS

Sam Sadler & Bob Dickie                                    10pts
Margaret & David Gray 8pts
Mary & Tom Costello                                           22pts
Geeti Granger & Mike Eaton     11pts
Debbie Martin, Ivor Cahill & Bob Parkin            12pts
Caroline Cahill, Mike Masson & Phil Malin     10pts
Jo Lougher & Gaynor Payne                              11pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan 9pts

  Pairs & Triple Friday 13 August - RESULTS

Shelagh Clarke & Sam Sadler                               17pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen 7pts
Mary & Tom Costello                                              13pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan     10pts
Alan Dickinson & Mick Burgess                            9pts
Sue Dickinson & Bob Parkin       7pts
Debbie Martin, Steve Puttock & Mike Masson    20pts
David Lougher, Caroline & Ivor Cahill 8pts

Triples Wednesday 11 August - RESULTS

Howard Wilkins, Margaret & David Gray               8pts
Mary & Tom Costello & Mike Eaton 8pts
Mike Masson, Caroline & Ivor Cahill                    11pts
Michael Trippick, Shelagh Clarke & Avril Wright     5pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan & Alan Dickinson            15pts
Sue Dickinson, Nuala Atkey & Mick Burgess       9pts
Jo & David Lougher & Steve Cowdrey                13pts
Ian Oldfield, Mike Richardson & Bob Parkin 12pts
 9/8/2021  Pairs Friday 6 August - RESULTS
Mary & Tom Costello                                            10pts
Shelagh Clarke & Gaynor Payne 5pts
Mike Masson & Sam Sadler                                 17pts
Jean & Keith Lambert     7pts
Caroline & Ivor Cahill                                            11pts
Marilyn & David Charleton       9pts
Jo Lougher & Alan Dickinson                               13pts
Sue Dickinson & David Lougher 7pts
Steve Puttock & Michael Trippick                         16pts
Mick Burgess & Mike Richardson       6pts
 9/8/2021  Pairs Wednesday 4 August - RESULTS
Mary & Tom Costello                                              10pts
Shelagh Clarke & Avril Wright 6pts
David Lougher & Mick Burgess                              9pts
Jean & Keith Lambert     7pts
Sam Sadler & Howard Wilkins                               11pts
Tracey Wilkins & Mike Masson       11pts
Alan Dickinson & Mike Richardson                       10pts
Sue Dickinson & Michael Trippick 6pts
Caroline Cahill & David Gray                                   5pts
Bob Dickie & Ivor Cahill       5pts
 3/8/2021  Pairs & Triples Friday 30 July - RESULTS
Mary Costello & Shelagh Clarke                             14pts
Avril Wright & Tom Costello 10pts
Sam Sadler & Phil Malin                                          16pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen      5pts
Caroline Cahill, Mike Masson & Bob Parkin          18pts
Gaynor Payne, Geeti Granger & Ivor Cahill       6pts
Nuala Atkey, Steve Cowdrey &  Howard Wilkins   15pts
Tracey Wilkins, Steve Puttock & Mike Richardson 9pts
Mike Eaton, Tony Glover & David Lougher            15pts
Michelle Upfield, Chris Upfield & Mick Burgess       10pts
 3/8/2021 Pairs & Singles Wednesday 28 July - RESULTS
Mary & Tom Costello                          11pts
Mike Eaton & Michael Trippick 11pts
Mick Burgess & Bob Parkin               15pts
Geeti Granger & Martin Sparshott      7pts
Phil Malin & Jo Lougher                     19pts
David Lougher & Mike Masson 4pts
Mike Richardson                                 21pts
Steve Cowdrey 18pts
 30/7/2021 Triples Friday 23 July - RESULTS
Dave Meredith, Graham Nicklen & Ian Oldfield           15pts
Wendy Peters, Sue Norrish & Sam Sadler 7pts
Howard Wilkins, Michael Trippick & Debbie Martin    14pts
Geet Granger, Tracey Wilkins & Phil Malin      5pts
Steve Puttock, Mike Richardson & Bob Parkin           25pts
Mick Burgess, Mike Masson & Rick Assad 5pts
 30/7/2021 Pairs & Triples Wednesday 21 July - RESULTS
Howard Wilkins, Michael Trippick & Alan Dickinson      15pts
Mick Burgess, Mike Masson & Phil Malin 8pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath              15pts
Debbie Martin & Mike Richardson      7pts
 19/07/2021 Pairs Friday 16 July - RESULTS
Debbie Martin & Tracey Wilkins      10pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen 8pts
Di Pickford & Mike Masson              10pts
Wendy Peters & Sam Sadler      6pts
Steve Puttock & Howard Wilkins     13pts
Mike Richardson & Mike Eaton 8pts
Michelle Upfield, Shelagh Clarke & Mick Burgess   17pts
Gaynor Payne, Geeti Granger & Chris Upfield 5pts
19/07/2021 Pairs & Singles Wednesday 14 July - RESULTS
Avril Wright & Wendy Peters           13pts
Shelagh Clarke & Ian Oldfield 5pts
Debbie Martin & Phil Malin               19pts
Mike Masson & Mike Eaton      6pts
Mary & Tom Costello                        12pts
Jo & David Lougher 7pts
Mick Burgess                                     13pts
Alan Dickinson 8pts
Jenny Ashby & Geeti Granger          11pts
Martin Sparshott & Rick Assad      10pts

Mike Richardson                                11pts
Bob Parkin 5pts
 11/07/2021 Pairs Friday 9 July - RESULTS
Shelagh Clarke & Sam Sadler           14pts
Mary & Tom Costello 13pts
Ian Oldfield & Bob Parkin                  15pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen      5pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins  10pts
Sue & Alan Dickinson       10pts
Sue Norrish & Jean Lambert              9pts
Caroline & Ivor Cahill 7pts
Steve Cowdrey & Barry Carter          16pts
Nuala Atkey & Steve Puttock      9pts

Mike Masson & Mike Richardson      14pts
Debbie Martin & Phil Malin 6pts
Tracey Wilkins & Mike Eaton             12pts
Mick Burgess & David Lougher 8pts
 11/07/2021 Pairs Wednesday 7 July - RESULTS
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins 20pts
Jean Lambert & Sam Sadler 5pts
Shelagh Clarke & Mick Burgess      12pts
Carol & Barry Carter                 5pts
Mike Masson & Martin Sparshott    10pts
Caroline & Ivor Cahill       9pts
Sue & Alan Dickinson                       16pts
Steve Cowdrey & David Lougher 6pts

Mike Eaton & Steve Cowdrey 9pts
 05/07/2021 Ladies v Men Singles & Pairs Friday 2 July - RESULTS
Tom Costello                                       13pts
Phil Malin                 12pts
Sam Sadler & Barry Carter                16pts
Nuala Atkey & Di Pickford                  4pts
Ian Oldfield & David Lougher            11pts
Mary Costello & Wendy Peters       5pts
Shelagh Clarke & Debbie Martin         9pts
Mike Eaton & Steve Cowdrey 9pts
Michael Trippick & Bob Parkin          13pts
Gaynor Payne & Jo Lougher      3pts

Alan Dickinson & Ivor Cahill              12pts
Jenny Ashby & Geeti Granger 6pts
Mike Masson                                       11pts
Steve Puttock      7pts

Mick Burgess & Mike Richardson       9pts
Sue Dickinson & Caroline Cahill 6pts
01/07/2021 PAIRS Wednesday 30 June - RESULTS
Mary & Tom Costello                          18pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan                  10pts
Mike Eaton & Steve Cowdrey            11pts
Nuala Atkey & Ian Oldfield       7pts
Carol & Barry Carter                           13pts
Martin Sparshott & Bob Parkin 5pts
Alan Dickinson & Ivor Cahill              11pts
Geeti Granger & Michael Trippick      8pts

Sue Dickinson & Caroline Cahill       16pts
Jo & David Lougher 8pts
Debbie Martin & Mike Masson           12pts
Phil Malin & Rick Assad      11pts
 27/06/2021 PAIRS Friday 25 June - RESULTS
Sam Sadler & Mick Burgess               14pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan                  6pts
Graham Nicklen & Dave Meredith      12pts
Michael Trippick & Dick Parsons       7pts
Mike Masson & Phil Malin                   14pts
Wendy Peters & Nuala Atkey 10pts
Debbie Martin & Gaynor Payne          19pts
Geeti Granger & Pete Ward      5pts

Sue & Alan Dickinson                          16pts
Anne & Phil Humphries 6pts
Steve Puttock & David Lougher          11pts
Mike Eaton & Tony Glover      10pts

Mike Richardson & Rob Renshaw       17pts
Jenny Ashby & Rick Assad 10pts
 27/06/2021 PAIRS Wednesday 23 June - RESULTS
Jean & Keith Lambert                           10pts
Wendy Peters & Shelagh Clarke             9pts
Jo & David Lougher                                 8pts
Geeti Granger & Bob Parkin       6pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins      20pts
Mick Burgess & Phil Malin 5pts
Debbie Martin & Mike Masson               10pts
Carol & Barry Carter       7pts

Sue & Alan Dickinson                             15pts
Jenny Ashby & Rick Assad 4pts
 21/06/2021 PAIRS Tuesday 15 June - RESULTS
Di Pickford & Mike Masson                    16pts
Jean & Keith Lambert                  4pts
Jo & David Lougher                                 10pts
Geeti Granger & Mike Eaton       8pts
Wendy Peters & Steve Cowdrey              9pts
Nuala Atkey & Phil Malin 9pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins        14pts
Michelle & Chris Upfield      7pts
 14/06/2021 PAIRS Friday 11 June - RESULTS
Shelagh Clarke & Mick Burgess             12pts
Debbie Martin & Tracey Wilkins                 11pts
Wendy Peters & Paul Todd                     14pts
Caroline & Ivor Cahill       6pts
Mike Masson & Martin Sparshott            10pts
Phil Malin & Bob Parkin 8pts
Gaynor Payne & Howard Wilkins           11pts
Michael Trippick & Ted McGrath      9pts

Mike Eaton & Tony Glover                        6pts
Nuala Atkey & David Lougher 5pts
Mary & Tom Costello                               12pts
Jean & Keith Lambert       7pts

Steve Puttock & Steve Cowdrey             14pts
Geeti Granger & Alan Dickinson 6pts
 14/06/2021 PAIRS Wednesday 9 June - RESULTS
John Norrish & Mick Burgess                12pts
Mary Costello & Tom Costello                9pts
Nuaka Atkey & Steve Cowdrey              10pts
Geeti Granger & Mike Eaton       8pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins      11pts
Debbie Martin & Phil Malin 10pts
Jo & David Lougher                                16pts
Gaynor Payne & Pete Ward       5pts

Mike Masson & Howard Wilkins             13pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath 3pts
06/06/2021 PAIRS Friday 4 June - RESULTS
Mary Costello                                           11pts
Tom Costello                    11pts
Wendy Peters & Shelagh Clarke              6pts
Debbie Martin & Tracey Wilkins       6pts
Alan Dickinson                                           8pts
Ian Oldfield 6pts
Ivor Cahill    3pts
Sue Dickinson & Caroline Cahill             10pts
Jean & Keith Lambert       8pts

Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins        11pts
Nuala Atkey & Phil Malin 6pts
Gaynor Payne & Mike Masson                  8pts
Geeti Granger & Bob Parkin       6pts

Jo & David Lougher                                  20pts
Michelle & Chris Upfield 5pts
Mick Burgess & Steve Puttock                22pts
Graham Nicklen & Dave Meredith 2pts
 06/06/2021 PAIRS Tuesday 1 June - RESULTS
Carol & Barry Carter                                 12pts
Jo & David Lougher                    10pts
Michelle & Chris Upfield                           20pts
Jean & Keith Lambert          6pts
Phil Malin                                                   15pts
Nuala Atkey 8pts   
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins        15pts
Geeti Granger & Mike Masson       5pts

Wendy Peters & Mike Richardson           17pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath 6pts
Mary & Tom Costello                                14pts
Sue & Alan Dickinson 9pts
 31/05/2021 PAIRS Friday 28 May - RESULTS
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins           21pts
Shelagh Clarke &
Gaynor Payne                    5pts
Tracey Wilkins & Mick Burgess                  14pts
Jean & Keith Lambert          6pts
Caroline Cahill & Sue Dickinson               12pts
Ivor Cahill & Alan Dickinson 6pts   
Paul Todd & David Lougher                      14pts
Mary & Tom Costello       7pts

Wendy Peters & Steve Cowdrey                14pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath 6pts
Mike Eaton                                                   10pts
Geeti Granger 6pts   
Nuala Atkey & Steve Puttock                     16pts
Di Pickford & Mike Masson       7pts
 31/05/2021 PAIRS Wednesday 26 May - RESULTS
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath                     20pts
Jean & Keith Lambert                     5pts
Nuala Atkey & Mike Eaton                       15pts
Mary & Tom Costello           1pts
Mick Burgess & John Norrish                  11pts
Geeti Granger & Shelagh Clarke 4pts   
David Lougher & Mike Masson                20pts
Caroline & Ivor Cahill      4pts

Linda & Peter McWIlliam                           11pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins 10pts
 31/05/2021 PAIRS Tuesday 18 May - RESULTS
Geeti Granger & Shelagh Clarke                11pts
Jean & Keith Lambert                     7pts
Gaynor Payne & Steve Cowdrey                12pts
Di Pickford & Mike Masson           10pts
Wendy Peters & Mike Eaton                        9pts
Ivor Cahill & Alan Dickinson 7pts   
Caroline Cahill & Sue Dickinson                20pts
Jo & David Lougher      9pts

Carol & Barry Carter                                  11pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath 3pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins           15pts
Mary & Tom Costello 6pts
 17/05/2021 PAIRS Friday 14 May - RESULTS
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath                        17pts
Shelagh Clarke & Ian Oldfield                      7pts
Jean & Keith Lambert                                11pts
Graham Nicklen & Dick Parsons           10pts
Gaynor Payne & Steve Cowdrey               12pts
Mick Burgess & Phil Malin 8pts   
Sue & Alan Dickinson                                15pts
Mike Eaton & David Lougher       9pts

Debbie Martin & Tracey Wilkins                10pts
Sue & John Norrish 10pts
Mike Eaton & Tony Glover                        13pts
Mary & Tom Costello 10pts   
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins          13pts
Geeti Granger & Steve Puttock       7pts
Di Pickford & Mike Masson                         7pts
Mike Richardson & Rob Renshaw 7pts
17/05/2021 PAIRS Wednesday 12 May - RESULTS
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath                      13pts
John Norrish & Shelagh Clarke                   5
Mary & Tom Costello                               21pts
Carol & Barry Carter           8pts
Wendy Peters & Steve Cowdrey             16pts
Geeti Granger & Mick Burgess 12pts   
Di Pickford & Mike Masson                      15pts
Ivor Cahill & Alan Dickinson       13pts

Caroline Cahill & Sue Dickinson             17pts
Jean & Keith Lambert 8pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins        18pts
Gaynor Payne & Mike Eaton 8pts   
Jo & David Lougher                                10pts
Michelle & Chris Upfield       10pts
17/05/2021 PAIRS Friday 7 May - RESULTS
Linda & Peter McWilliam                             28pts
Jean & Keith Lambert                        2pts
Wendy Peters & Steve Cowdrey               14pts
Mike Eaton/Tony Glover           4pts
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins           11pts
Phil Malin & Mike Masson 4pts   
Debbie Martin & Tracey Wilkins                 12pts
Tom & Mary Costello       10pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen             16pts
Nuala Atkey & Paul Todd 10pts
Alan Dickinson & Ivor Cahill                       18pts
Sue Dickinson & Caroline Cahill 9pts   
David & Jo Lougher                                     11pts
Di Pickford & Martin Sparshott       5pts
Geeti Granger & Steve Puttock                 14pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath 5pts
 17/05/2021 PAIRS Tuesday 4 May - RESULTS
Gaynor Payne                                         9pts
Wendy Peters                        8
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins       13pts
Geeti Granger & Steve Cowdrey           7pts
Jo & David Lougher                               12pts
Phil Malin & Mike Masson 7pts   
Nuala Atkey & Mike Eaton                      11pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath       8
Sue & Alan Dickinson                            13pts
Jean & Keith Lambert 6pts
 17/05/2021 PAIRS Friday 30 April - RESULTS
Geeti Granger & Ian Oldfield                     12pts
Paul Todd & Steve Cowdrey                       8
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath                        10pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan            4pts
Nuala Atkey & Peter McWilliam                  8pts
Sue & Alan Dickinson 5pts   
Wendy Peters & Sam Sadler                       7pts
Dave Meredith & Graham Nicklen       4
Di Pickford                                                  6pts
Mike Masson 4pts
Mick Burgess 3pts

Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins    13pts
Jean & Keith Lambert                       10
Shelagh Clarke & Steve Puttock                16pts
Mike Eaton & Tony Glover             7pts
 11/05/2021 PAIRS Wednesday 28 April - RESULTS
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins         11pts
Mary & Tom Costello                       7
Brenda & Neil Morgan                             10pts
Sue Dickinson & Caroline Cahill             10pts
Bob Parkin & Ted McGrath                       17pts
Alan Dickinson & Ivor Cahill 7pts   
Geeti Granger & Mike Eaton                      8pts
Carol & Barry Carter       5
Di Pickford & Mike Masson                        8pts
Glenda & Mike Smith 4pts
 11/05/2021 PAIRS Friday 23 April - RESULTS
Debbie Martin & Phil Malin                      13pts
Shelagh Clarke & Paul Todd                       8
Jean & Keith Lambert                                9pts
Di Pickford & Mike Masson                       9pts
Mike Eaton & Tony Glover                        25pts
Jo & David Lougher 7pts   
Michael Trippick & Howard Wilkins         27pts
Sue & Alan Dickinson       1
Bob Parkin & Steve Cowdrey                    9pts
Nuala Atkey & Steve Puttock 8pts
 11/05/2021 PAIRS Friday 20 April - RESULTS
Jo & David Lougher                                  12pts
Michelle & Chris Upfield                           9
Michael Trippick / Howard Wilkins           17pts
Nuala Atkey / Phil Malin                       7pts
Geeti Granger / Tom Costello                  10pts
Bob Parkin / Ted McGrath 8pts   
Di Pickford / Mike Masson                       12pts
Gaynor Payne / Wendy Peters       5pts
PAIRS Friday 16 April - RESULTS
Di Pickford / Mike Masson                         12pts
Geeti Granger / Paul Todd                          5
Bob Parkin /Ted McGrath                           11pts
Wendy Peters / Mick Burgess                       5pts
Dave Meredith / Graham Nicklen               12pts
Shelagh Clarke / Tom Costello 4pts   
Debbie Martin / Phil Malin                         18pts
Mike Eaton / Tony Glover       9pts
Michael Trippick / Howard Wilkins             12pts
Steve Puttock / David Lougher 10pts   
Jean & Keith Lambert                                  8pts
John Norrish / Martin Sparshott  6pts
PAIRS Wednesday 14 April - RESULTS
Shelagh Clarke / Geeti Granger                    10pts
Wendy Peters / Mike Masson                          9
Mick Burgess / Martin Sparshott                    12pts
Jean & Keith Lambert                       9pts
Michelle & Chris Upfield                                20pts
Brenda & Neil Morgan 5pts   
Linda & Peter McWilliam                              19pts
Nuala Atkey / Mike Eaton       5pts
Michael Trippick / Howard Wilkins               10pts
Bob Parkin /Ted McGrath 9pts   
Debbie Martin / Phil Malin                            16pts
Jo & David Lougher  11pts




Knockout Competition, Friday, 29 April 2022
Caroline Cahill is organising a Knockout Competition on Friday, 29 April 2022 starting at 10:30 so anyone interested in taking part should contact her by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). It will be a competition involving 32 people (16 pairs) which will be selected by a random draw of all entrants on the day. 

To start the competition, there will be 3 rounds of games with 6 ends followed by the final which will be 5 ends, the winners of which will be awarded the trophy. 

All pairs who lose their first match will then play for the 'Plate' competition so all players will play at least 2 games.

Light refreshments and hot snacks will be available. 

More details can be found HERE.

Geeti Granger

Flick Drummond MP visits the Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club
We were delighted when Flick Drummond (seen in the picture holding Chalky our Club mascot) accepted our invitation to visit the Club on 11 March 2022. Heavy rain put paid to a planned bowling taster session, but it didn’t pour cold water on us trumpeting our achievements to date.

Teresa Attlee and Michael Trippick outlined how the Club is organised, potential projects in the pipeline and how our future direction includes more Friendly bowls matches with other Clubs, as well as maintaining a busy programme of daytime and evening events to cater for all our members.

Teresa said that the Club is immensely grateful for the grant assistance it received from central government during the Covid-19 pandemic. She also expressed our thanks to the local East Hants District Councillors who have continued to support the Club to make improvements that have included purchasing kitchen equipment, children’s sized bowls, outdoor seating and tables.  

Flick enjoyed her tour of the premises and said she was impressed by the hard work and dedication shown by so many volunteers that has clearly made this such a successful Club in the heart of the local Community.


Flick Drummond with Teresa and Michael.


Portchester Friendly March 2022

We played our first friendly in the new 2022 programme against Portchester at home on Wednesday, 9 March. The weather was kind, the game thoroughly enjoyed by all, and Portchester were perfect guests and great fun. After the game the Portchester Captain wrote the following:

Hi Michael,
Thank you for your comments and the friendly match was thoroughly enjoyed by all our members.

Your club facilities are excellent, and your hospitality is second to none.

I have analysed the results and it made interesting reading. Clanfield were winning by 48 shots to Portchester's 33 shots after 8 ends. It just goes to show what a topsy turvy game Bowls can be.

Your gift of Chalkie was most appreciated and I will present him to our membership at our pre-season meeting on Saturday.

Finally, good luck on your club's journey. With your current organisation I feel sure that your Club will be a big success story.

Best Wishes

Dave (Winter league captain)

At the end the result was Portchester – 82, CBSC – 70. Our new Club Mascot, “Chalky” was presented for the first time to a visiting team and very well received. My thanks to all who were involved in making this a great day out.

Michael Trippick

Click HERE for photos.


Stewards' 'Thank You' Evening for Volunteers
A Stewards' 'Thank You' Evening was held for our volunteers on Tuesday, 1 March 2022. Mike (Smith) opened the evening by showing a light-hearted video, created by Teresa, that illustrated the way we kept our spirits up during the past year. Click HERE to watch the video.

He continued by thanking all our volunteer stewards for the time they've given to the Club and the dedication they’ve shown while carrying out the tasks required to keep our members safe and to maintain all the H&S and COVID-19 regulations. Although the
COVID-related regulations have now been relaxed, Karen and Helen summarised the need to maintain the H&S regulations required of an organisation such as ours and the importance of meeting these requirements if we are to retain our 5* Hygiene rating. Glenda also reminded us of the importance of following the money related procedures so she can keep accurate and detailed accounts.

To round off the evening, after a final Big Thank You, we all enjoyed an excellent buffet and informal conversation.

Geeti Granger

First 'Craft and a Cuppa' Monthly Gathering
Our first 'Craft and a Cuppa' morning, held on Monday, 28 February 2022, was a great success. Over 20 members and guests came along with their craft projects, including knitting, crocheting, bobble making, tapestry, patchwork and model making. Once work began, anyone walking into the Pavilion was greeted with a sea of people busily working and chatting away with fellow members/guests having a thoroughly good time. It was a joy to behold.

The next gathering is on Monday, 28 March 2022 so please add this date to your diary and come along to enjoy yourselves. (Photos to follow soon.)

Geeti Granger

Music & Supper Night
A great evening was had by all, listening and dancing to Damiain Lodrick's singing and playing whilst enjoying their snacks and drinks. By the end of the evening everyone was on the dance floor having a great time. As 'a picture paints a thousand words' photos taken at the event can be found HERE.

Our grateful thanks to all members of our Entertainments Team for all their efforts to organise and run these very enjoyable events.

Geeti Granger

'Craft and a Cuppa' Monthly Gathering (Last Monday of each month)
We are starting a 'Craft and a Cuppa' open morning on the last Monday of each month, starting on Monday, 28 February 2022. Tracey Wilkins will be hosting the first event in the Bowls Pavilion and would love to see you there anytime between 10:00 and 13:00.

Whether it's needle crafts such as knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, needle felting or model making that interest you, just bring your materials along to this relaxed setting. If you are looking for inspiration or guidance, or you just fancy a cuppa anyway, come along and see what others are doing and take it from there.

We hope you can make this a regular date in your diary.

Geeti Granger

CBSC Climate and Environment Policy
CBSC adopted a Climate and Environment Policy in December 2021. It reads:

A changing climate has profound implications for the lives of everyone today and for future generations as well. In keeping with the EHDC Climate and Environment Strategy 2020-2025, CBSC is committed to ensuring that any decisions we make about our facilities or our working practices, consider the impact on the environment, with the aim of keeping our carbon emissions as low as is reasonably practicable. 

Teresa Attlee

Debbie Martin wins the U3A Trophy, 16 October 2021
Debbie Martin won the coveted Open Bowls Championship, U3A, in Javea, Spain beating Michael Masson, Dad, en route to a star winning performance

PhotoDebbie Martin wins U3A Trophy
 20/10/2021 Highlights of the 2021 AGM

A copy of the minutes for our recent AGM which was held on Wednesday,
29 September 2021, is on the notice board in the Pavilion and can be found HERE. Below are the highlights:


Michael opened the meeting by welcoming the 45 members who attended and acknowledged the apologies sent by 20 members. He then reminded everyone that, although he will remain a Trustee he is not standing for re-election as Chairman & Club Secretary.



Past 18 months have been most unusual because of the pandemic. Safety of our members has been a main priority so we have adhered to HMG’s regulations as closely as possible.



Examined 2020-21 accounts were reviewed.

COVID-19 had an adverse impact on subscription income, entertainment & catering, open days and marketing initiatives. Grants of c£30K allowed us to cover this loss of income and also make some improvements.

Current status of accounts for 2021-22 show a conservative surplus of £2400.


Rule Change

Proposed rule change to Section 2.2 was approved so it now reads:

Where a person who was not a Member in any part of any preceding Subscription Year joins after 31 May, the subscription for the period up to next 31 March may be a reduced amount as decided time to time by the Management Committee.



Membership numbers, having dropped from 250 during our first year because of COVID-19, are on the rise again. We had 146 members at the time of the AGM.


Management Committee

David Charleton was elected as our new Chairman and warmly welcomed to this role by all. Current members of the Management Committee were re-elected.


Milestone Achievements

  • Maintained 5-star catering certificate and alcohol licence.
  • Improved kitchen facilities.
  • Resolved many ‘snags'.
  • Awarded c£30K grants which were used for PPE, sanitation equipment, dispensers & signage, new shed, wooden bench, Bowls Buddy wheelchair + ramps, widening pathways, outdoor tables, awning and a contribution to ongoing overheads.
  • Shortlisted for Bowls England Story of the Year 2020 Award.


Bowling Activities

  • Organised Pairs & Triples matches twice a week.
  • Held 7 friendly matches against local clubs–some at home and some away.
  • Singles Ladders Competitions.
  • More Roll Ups, Knock-out Competitions, Internal Fun Competitions and Friendlies against local clubs will be organised going forward.


Plans for

Portsmouth & District League

  • Members decided not to join the P&D League for the 2022 season.



Entertainments Programme

  • Weekly Games Evenings to start again on Wednesday,
    6 October 2021.
  • First quiz to be held on Saturday, 9 October 2021.
  • Future events include more quiz nights, bridge, coffee mornings, cream teas and TV specials.



Facilities Improvements

  • Improvements being considered include additional awning and solar panels.



Lottery & Fundraising

  • 3 ways to raise funds for our Club are EHDC lottery, easyFundraising and AmazonSmile (see full details on our Support Us page).
  • We receive 50p for each ticket purchased for the EHDC Lottery and linked to us. We are on track to receive c£900.00 this year.
  • Percentage of purchase price spent through AmazonSmile and easyFundraising is donated to our Club if you register to support us.



Clanfield Junior Football Club

  • Expected start date is September 2022.
  • Need to plan for sharing some facilities in Pavilion.



Increasing Membership

  • Mailshot to previous members.
  • Survey current members to ask how we can encourage them to bowl more and attend entertainment events.
  • Consider the need to open more days.
  • Marketing initiative, including leaflet drop.


Presentation & Thanks

Michael was thanked sincerely for his devotion to our Club since it’s conception. He was presented with an engraved, glass trophy.

Kathy Trippick, Michael’s wife, was also thanked for all the support she has given Michael and our Club and was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Geeti Granger

Grant Application for a Second Bowls Wheelchair
One of our aims, as an inclusive Bowls Club, is to make the game of bowls accessible to those with a mobility problem as well as to those who are able bodied. Our bowls Club is one of the few clubs in the country to offer the use of s bowls wheelchair to give our members greater self-sufficiency to enjoy the game of all-weather bowls. Toyota GB has teamed up with Paralympics GB and Jonnie Peacock to launch Parasport, an online hub to empower disabled people to become m ore active. The Toyota Parasport Fund supports the purchase of specialist disabled equipment. If our grant application is successful, we are hoping to purchase a second bowls wheelchair (battery propelled). The details of our registration are on the Parasport website.

Teresa Attlee
Radio Interview
Phill Humphries recently interviewed Michael Trippick for Petersfield's Shine Radio. To get a feel for the philosophy and ambience of the Club just click on the link to listen to the short Interview.
Geeti Granger
Catering Facilities
We are very excited to announce the opening of our catering facilities. Initially, we plan to be open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00-20:00, subject to volunteer help being available. Following the relaxation of restrictions we are now allowed a limited number of members inside our Pavilion so we are starting by selling tea/coffee and snacks. As and when further lockdown easing is confirmed we hope to offer a more extensive menu including hot food. We will also be launching a new programme of events, including the popular quizzes.
Helen Glover
Outdoor Improvements at the Bowls Club
As we reported in the Newsletter in December, during the Coronavirus pandemic we are continuing to do our best to respond to the challenges of encouraging Members to play bowls again or to volunteer. One area where we have been active is in making various improvements to the outside space, both to counteract the temporary loss of the Pavilion, as well as to provide better utility all year round. In December 2020, the new bowls shed (with its small ramp) was safely installed at the foot of the disabled pathway to give better access to all. In future, we will be storing the bowls equipment in the new shed and using the existing shed for storage of the heavy rink-cleaning and gardening equipment. In January 2021, we took delivery of a new bench that we purchased using funds contributed by Sport England. In recognition of their support during these difficult times, the plaque on the bench is dedicated to their generosity. In early March 2021, two rows of paving slabs will be laid to increase by a further 1200mm the usable width of the walkway that runs in front of the Pavilion. Subject to receiving planning permission, we are also planning to install a fully retractable dark green awning (3000mm x 2000m projection) on the brickwork above the windows to the right of the bi-fold doors (facing the rinks) to provide some cover against light rain and sunshine.
Finally, we are grateful for the recent support from Councillor Evans and Councillor Denton enabling us to purchase five new wooden round tables with seats that we will position along the newly extended walkway. We all look forward to the day when we can enjoy some outdoor conviviality in addition to the activity on the bowling rinks.
Teresa Attlee

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Spanish Wine Tasting Evening, Saturday, 
4 February 2023 
Phill Humphries very kindly organised a wine tasting evening (which was very well attended!) at the beginning of February. During the evening everyone was able to taste 6 different wines.

You may be able to tell from the PHOTOS that a good time was had by all!!! Thank you Phill.


Robbie Burns Roll Up, Thursday, 26 January 2023
Despite the cold a great time was had by all those who went to the Robbie Burns Roll Up whether it was to bowl or just to enjoy watching the hardy souls out on the rinks from the comfort of the warm Pavilion. The PHOTOS tell the story very eloquently!

Well done to the winners Linda McWilliam and David Lougher & the runners up Sue Heighton and Phil Malin who braved the cold.

Mar-Sep 2022

Friendly Matches Programme – 2022 
Michael Trippick organised a Friendly Matches Programme for 2022 which included 21 matches against a range of clubs, some of which played on grass.

Of the 21 matches we:

  • Were able to play 18 matches, 8 of which were on grass.
  • Won 6 matches, 5 at home and 1 away on grass.

Click HERE for full details of the programme with some photos and a request for information to help plan next year's programme.


Summary of Annual General Meeting, 2022
This year's AGM was held on Wednesday, 28 September 2022. Some of the highlights were:

  • Finances
    The Club’s finances are in a healthy condition despite the reduction in sales in the bar/kitchen following its closure due to the COVID pandemic. Provision is being made to replace the carpet in due course.
  • Membership
    The number of members is steadily growing and has increased by 24 to 170 since the previous AGM.
  • Milestone Achievements
    • Maintained the 5-star catering certificate and alcohol licence
    • Resolved Changing Rooms and Kitchen drainage issues
    • A visit from local MP on 11 March 2022
    • Solar Panel Installation
  • Bowling Activities
    • 21 Friendly matches were arranged for 2022
    • Roll Ups on 6 days a week
    • Beginners Roll Up introduced 10 August 2022
    • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Events held on 3 June 2022
    • 2 Knockout Challenges
    • Children’s Fun Afternoon
  • Challenges
    • Clanfield Football Club
    • Maintaining Membership
    • Kitchen Extension

Thanks to everyone for your help and support throughout the year.

Click HERE to read the AGM minutes or take a look at the copy that can be found on the Notice Board in the Pavilion.


Knockout Challenge, Saturday, 3 September 2022
Our thanks go to Caroline Cahill who organised a second very successful Knockout Challenge on Saturday, 3 September 2022.

Click HERE to read her report of the day.


EHDC Councillors Support Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club Solar Panels Project
Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club members are celebrating the installation of solar panels to the Pavilion roof thanks to the generosity of East Hants District Councillors. The Club is a charity, run entirely by volunteers, who have been looking at ways to reduce the heating bills and carbon footprint.

A Club spokesperson commented:
This year, with the energy crisis starting to bite, and the costs of materials and labour rising at an alarming rate, we decided to press ahead and install a 6.6Kwh system at a cost of just under £8000. A Heating & Energy Efficiency review, commissioned last year, confirmed that solar panels could reduce our costs by some £800pa and our carbon emissions by at least one tonne pa.

The Club sought advice from Lisa Clements (EHDC Community Development Officer) about funding opportunities from the local councillors. Once the Club committee had received positive pre-application advice from EHDC, their landlord, Clanfield Parish Council, gave its blessing to the project. Applications for funding were met with a great response with Cllr Agate, Cllr Evans, Cllr Gottlieb, Cllr Hatter, Cllr Moon and Cllr Woodard each agreeing to commit support. The solar panels were installed on the morning of 24 August and by that evening all cooking in the Club was done using energy generated by the solar panels!

Clanfield Bowls & Sports Club will be arranging a ‘solar panels launch’ in due course when they will be able to show Councillors and others the benefit of renewable energy.

Click HERE to see a few photos.


Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, 3 June 2022
The day's events started with the National Anthem being played as the Union Jack was raised up our new flagpole. This was followed by the Right Royal Roll Up for Triples and Pairs. With everyone in good spirits, and some in fancy dress, the games began. After some close matches the winners were declared and Nuala presented them with their prizes:

Triples: Gaynor, Keith and Mike (R)
Pairs: Marilyn & Peter (M)
Fancy Dress Competition: Caroline & Ivor

Following on from the Roll Up were the games for the younger members of the Club which were fun and a great success. It was then the turn of the ‘grown ups’ to play the Spider and a series of other exacting challenges, many of which left us wondering if we’d every bowled a bowl before!!

By now the afternoon was well advanced and our thoughts turned to the BBQ which was being prepared and cooked by Peter (L) and Mike (T), ably supported by Frances and Barbara. The hot dogs and burgers were cooked to perfection and accompanied by plenty of fried onions and salad. What more could we need? After a short break to let the hot dogs and burgers settle a selection of delicious desserts were unveiled. The star attraction was the Jubilee Cake made by Barbara which, once David had made the ‘first cut’, was a great hit with us all.

During all the above the bar was open so, as the evening progressed, we all became more and more relaxed before wending our way home for a well-deserved rest.

Some photos can be found HERE and HERE.


Clanfield Challenge, 15 May 2022
We gave our newly acquired gazebo its first outing at the Clanfield Challenge, We were there to promote the Club and make more people in the village aware of what we have to offer. We started off well and soon had some younger members wanting to try out the target bowls Nuala was running and we had interest from their parents who signed up for a taster session. Sadly, after a promising start the weather changed to continuous heavy rain! Undeterred, we stayed until nearly all the races were over and the spectators had run for cover. 


Knockout Challenge, Friday, 29 April 2022
Caroline Cahill organised a very successful Knockout Challenge on Friday, 29 April 2022. As the 32 members who were taking part arrived and learnt who they were playing with and against the tension began to build. Some had their eyes on the winning plaques and medals from the start so the feeling of fierce (but friendly!!) competition began to build.

Several supporters came along as well to encourage the teams and cheer the bowlers as the day progressed. Everyone there was able to enjoy a selection of delicious refreshments to keep them going throughout the day.

After some very close matches the overall winners were Mike Eaton & Mike Richardson and Tony Glover & Neil Lane were the runners up.

The Plate competition for those who didn't win their first game was won by Alan Dickinson & Steve Irons and the runners up were Tom Costello & Dick Parsons.

David Charleton, who flew in from Florida, presented the plaques and medals to the winners. 

More photos that capture many of the memorable moments can be viewed HERE and HERE.

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