There are 3 ways for members to book a rink:
Advanced Bookings Send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
ring 07434 652166 to book a rink.
On-the-Day Bookings Ring Duty Steward during opening hours on 02392 358653 to book a rink.
Turn Up to Bowl Just turn up at the Pavilion and check if there is a rink available.

Our Summer Opening Hours for bowling will start on Tuesday, 2 April 2024.
They are 10:00-18:00 on Tuesday-Sunday.
bowling session times are:

  Session 1 10:00-12:00  
  Session 2 12:00-14:00  
  Session 3 14:00-16:00  
  Session 4 16:00-18:00  


A roll up is held each day (Tue-Sun) every week starting at various time (see below)



    Day Arrival Time Start Bowling  
    *Tuesday 10:45 11:00  
    *Tuesday (Evening) 17:45 18:00  
    *Wednesday 10:15 10:30  
    *Thursday 13:45 14:00  
    *Friday (Twilight)
16:15 16:30  
    *Saturday 10:15 10:30  
    *Sunday 09:45 10:00  


FREE COACHING for members!!  
To request coaching please send an email to Michael Trippick
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or ring him on 07500 706717.
Please include your


when you would like to attend a coaching session so you can agree a mutually convenient time.
Please give as much notice as possible.

= = = = = =

World Bowls has created a document that describes all the Laws of the Sport of Bowls that can be viewed HERE. A second document with the latest revisions can be viewed HERE. A booklet containing all the rules of the game is available for sale in the Pavilion.

= = = = = =     


Our Club shirts can be ordered online from our own Club Shop Page. The following range of items are available:

  • Short or Long Sleeved Shirt – £24.59 (Ladies, Youth and Adult sizes)*
  • Mesh Lined Showerproof Jacket – £35.71**
  • Fleece Lined Showerproof Jacket – £45.31**

* Please make sure you order the correct size by following the instructions in the measurement guide.

** Please note the jackets are NOT waterproof but will protect you from light rain.

Names on Shirts 
If you’d like your name to be added to your shirt (just below the club badge on the left side) please enter your name on the order form in the following format - Capital first letter of your forename followed by lower case letters, e.g., Carol.


If you have any questions that you can't find the answer to on the Zapkam site please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


= = = = = =


A number of matches have been booked for this year's programme and include more new clubs that we haven't played before. The details can be seen on the CALENDAR.

If you have a suggestion of a club that you feel would appreciate a fixture then please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know.

2024 Results Table
Nearly 40 members have taken part in 1 or more of the 11 matches we have played so far this season.


Club Name


Saturday, 16 March

Totton and Eling (Away)


T & E 72


Wednesday, 27 March

Gosport (Away)


Gosport 61


Sunday, 7 April

Braeside (Home)


Braeside 39


Sunday, 14 April

Waterlooville (Home)


Waterlooville 92


Saturday, 20 April

Purbrook (Away) (Grass)

CBSC 1 Rink

Purbrook 3 Rinks


Saturday, 27 April

Winchester (Home)



Convincing Win

Wednesday, 1 May

Meon (Away) (Grass)




Sunday, 19 May

Parkside (Home)


Parkside 71


Thursday, 30 May

Arundel (Home)


Arundel 47


Wednesday, 19 June

Liphook (Home)


Liphook 69


Wednesday, 3 July

Meon Valley (Home)


Meon 64


= = = = = =


SUMMER TOURNAMENT 2024 – May-August 2024 – sponsored by Webster Associates 
In Progress

The Summer Tournament is a Mixed Singles Tournament that will start on 1 May 2024 and will be completed by 25 August 2024. Click HERE for full details of the tournament and click HERE to see the way the tournament will be run.

AUTUMN KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE – Saturday, 31 August 2024
Webster Associates will present the trophies to the Winner and Runner-Up of the Summer Tournament at this event

= = = = = =


MEON VALLEY FRIENDLY MATCH (Home), Wednesday, 3 July 2024
We played the return match against Meon Valley on IWednesday, 3 July 2024 (having played them on their grass surface earlier in the season and been beaten) and, well, what a corker!! Bottom line is the weather mercifully was kind and (just) held off raining and in the final analysis CBSC won the match by just one point! It was a cracking game against a very good league playing side and the rink scores were as follows:

    CBSC MEON    
  Rink 2 8 23    
  Rink 3 33 9    
  Rink 5 16 12     
  Rink 6 8 20    
    65 64    

SPECIAL THANKS For a lovely day as always go to our catering team.

 Michael Trippick 

= = = = = =

BOWLS DRIVE, Friday, 21 June 2024
On Friday, 21 June 2024, the players gathered to do battle in this competition. The teams of 2 were announced and the order of play that meant each pair played all the others was explained. Luckily, these details, together with the rink number on which each game should be played were available in print under each score board!!

Once all the games were played the scorecards on which each pair recorded the number of points won and lost in each game were handed in to David Lougher. The result was very tight with 2 pairs scoring the same number of points but the winning pair had 1 point less scored against them!!

Congratulations to the winners, Sue Restell and Beryl Bridgman and the runners up, Mike Richardson and Geeti Granger.

All those involved thanked Jo and David Lougher for organising this challenging but very enjoyable event.

= = = = = =

LIPHOOK FRIENDLY MATCH (Home), Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Well done all who stepped up to represent their Club in the Liphook match yesterday – we had great weather, fine company and were rewarded with another win against a good side who are represented with teams in the Three Counties Leagues! 

  Rink 2 22 16    
  Rink 3 36 7    
  Rink 4 16 15    
  Rink 5 11 17     
  Rink 6 13 14    
    98 69    
Bottom line is we won Three rinks to Two and by a margin of 29 points!  Great effort all 👍
SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS Yet another superb job from the Catering team –- thank you Helen, Jo & Kathy – it was well appreciated by our guests and our own players.
PS I understand some additional thank you 'Roses' may have appeared after the match compliments of our Sam – nice touch 👏👍👏
Also, thank you to Tom who was unable to play but still offered to turn up and help which is always appreciated as the ladies can be very busy at certain times during the afternoon.

Michael Trippick 

= = = = = =

ARUNDEL FRIENDLY MATCH (Home), Thursday, 30 May 2024
Despite some rather dire predictions about the weather, the Knights & fair Maidens of Arundel Castle did indeed come galloping over the horizon to visit CBSC and what a fabulous day was had by all! In the end the ominous black clouds seemed to mostly steer a course around us and our guests were great company, albeit very accomplished bowlers and in one case an ex England player!

That said, despite all 4 of our teams getting off to a very poor start, we managed to put up a superb fight back, winning the game overall by 63-47! Well done everyone!! 👏 
  Rink 2 11 13    
  Rink 3 19 6    
  Rink 5 15 17    
  Rink 6 18 11     
    63 47    
Bottom line is we won Three rinks to Two and by a margin of 29 points!  Great effort all 👍
SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS Go to our David R and Sue B on Rink 2 who were experiencing their first friendly match and both playing magnificently as one can see from the scoreline. Well done guys – may there be many more. 🙏  
BIG THANKS As always go to Helen, Jo & Kathy for providing such splendid refreshments. It would be easy to underestimate just what an impact this level of hospitality has but I am sure Brian will back me up when I say at the end we had several of our guests come up to say thank you and comment on the 'astonishing hospitality'! Great show ladies – thank you so much. 👍 
I would also like to thank Beryl for agreeing to be reserve and offering to handle some of the pre-match administration – nice one .😀
AND FINALLY... There is no doubt in my mind that this was one of our 'special' friendly matches for many reasons but one key thing was the open friendliness of our visitors who are now keen to respond in kind with an invitation to visit their Castle on Tuesday, 23 July 2924 (Note for diaries).

Michael Trippick 

On Thursday, 25 April 2024, 32 players gathered to do battle in this most enjoyable event.

We started with everyone playing in an eight end first round, with winners going forward in the Challenge competition and those who came second going on to the Plate. There followed parallel knockout competitions. Many of the games were exciting and very close and they were certainly enjoyed by all who played. Eventually we reached the state of the two finals and these lived up to the entertainment of the rest of the afternoon, even if the eight people who competed in them practically needed water wings to complete!

Very many thanks to Caroline and Ivor, Glenda and Mike and to all those others who helped in any way to make it such a very happy day.

  Challenge Winners   Challenge Runners Up
  Michael Trippick and Richard Stray   Michael Richardson and Les Bright
  Plate Winners   Plate Runners Up
  Ted McGrath and Sam Sadler   David Lougher and Vin Thayanukulvat

David Lougher


MEN'S SINGLES COMPETITION, Friday, 23 February 2024
The weather was kind to us today so the Men's Singles KO in a Day Competition went ahead. More details to follow

Well the Winter Knockout Competition that we started back in October 2023 has finally been completed (with Christmas, bad weather, and holidays in between). 
Congratulations to the winners in each competition:
  Women's Knockout Winner   Women's Plate Winner
  Carol Carter   Caroline Cahill

  Men's Knockout Winner   Men's Plate Runner Up
  Phil Malin   David Lougher

Mike Richardson

FISH & CHIPS SUPPER, Friday, 26 January 2024


To brighten those January Days we held a Fish & Chips supper on Friday, 26 January 2024It was a very successful event and the food was delicious.

This first ever Ladies Singles Knockout competition took place on Thursday, 23 November 2023, after a delay of a week because of rain! It was a very enjoyable day for the 12 ladies who took part and the spectators. An article with some photos will be in the next newsletter but in the meantime congratulations to Sue Restell, the overall winner and to Teresa Attlee, the runner up and Ann Osborn who came third.

LAST TWILIGHT ROLL UP + PIE & CHIPS, Friday, 22 September 2023  
A very enjoyable time was had by all.

AUTUMN KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE, Saturday, 2 September 2023  
This was a great day again. More details to follow soon.

BOWLS DRIVE, Friday, 21 July 2023  
We had a good response to the advertising, with some 31 players requesting places but, with the format of the event, we could only accommodate 28. People played in pairs drawn at random, with a system of movement every three ends. We counted ends to determine who moved, but the overall result was based on total points scored, resorting to points against in the event of a tie. Clearly, from the state of the scorecards many had never filled one in before but we managed to sort them out – there were, after all, only nine ends played by each pair. When the results were deciphered, we found Brenda and Alan in first place with 14 points for, and 6 against. Ann and Andy came second also with 14 points for, but with 9 against. Tom and Ivor took the bronze position with 13 points.

David Lougher

FRIENDLY MATCH AGAINST MEON VALLEY (Home), Wednesday, 5 July 2023  
We welcomed Meon to us for the return match, having lost the away match very narrowly to them on a warm sunny day at the beginning of May. I suppose I shouldn't have tempted fate by saying what a lovely day it was when we stepped on to the rink at the beginning of the match ???? After 5 ends there was just 1 point overall separating the teams – a very tight match. At the tea break rinks 2 and 3 came in level in one match and down by just 2 points in the other. Rinks 5 and 6 came in for tea a couple of ends later and we were down in one match and up in the other. Unfortunately, this was when it began to rain! A longer than normal tea break was taken before play resumed and the sun came out briefly. The large partisan crowd were biting their nails throughout the final few ends but we eventually came out as victors with a final score of 73-68!

A couple of quick mentions:
Firstly, to Tony Daughtry who played in his first friendly match – I hope it won't be your last Tony! Secondly, to Tom, Debbie and Chris who played an amazing game to win their match 27-8. 
 A huge thank you once again to the catering ladies, Glenda, Jo, Kathy and Chris. Meon were very impressed by our tea and also our lovely facilities. Carol will be sending out an email for availability for that match shortly so please keep an eye on your inbox. Thank you all once again for a very enjoyable match.


TWILIGHT ROLL UP + FISH & CHIPS SUPPER, Friday, 23 June 2023  
The Twilight Roll Up followed by a Fish & Chips Supper proved to be very popular with both bowlers and Sports members. A great time was had by all.

FRENDLY MATCH AGAINST CHICHESTER (Home), Thursday, 15 June 2023  
On Thursday, 10 June 2023, one of the hottest days so far this year, we played a friendly match against Chichester. Although we visited Chichester for a match last year the return match at home was cancelled because of rain. What a difference a year makes! Our friends from Chichester were very complimentary about our facilities and, of course, the view which was looking at its best in the glorious sunshine. The sun also brought out a number of very welcome ‘visitors’ who came to watch the match and enjoy a drink.We all took to the rink for Michael to welcome our visitors and present Chichester’s Captain, Duncan, with Rex, our ‘Royal’ mascot for this, the Coronation Year. We all shared in his sense of fun when his first reaction was to liken Rex’s hairstyle to his own! ????

Now to the more serious part of the day – the bowling. We played the full 18 ends with a very welcome break for delicious refreshments part way through – thank you Helen, Kathy and Jo.Watching the scores on each of the 4 rinks as the match progressed it was clear that, before the break, every point was being hotly contested. Play during the second half of the match was just as competitive but maybe it was now that the greater level of experience of Chichester’s bowlers began to show as the difference between the overall total scores increased.Despite our best efforts we lost with a final score of 88-53. Our teams scored between 11 and 15 points so each one made a very similar contribution to the overall result. Well done everyone.Once the scores had been announced we settled down to relax and enjoy a well-earned drink and friendly chat before our visitors took to the road.Thanks to Sue Dickinson who was our photographer for the day. She did an excellent job despite claiming a lack of experience before agreeing to take on the task.As a final footnote, a fact that was shared with us after our visitors had left, was that Helen was offered a free membership at Chichester if she’d go there to bake her delicious cakes for them! ????
Click to see PHOTOS. 

Our friendly match against Hayling Island took place on Saturday, 10 June 2023 which was one of the hottest days of the year so far. Everyone was very welcoming and several comments were made comparing the very different weather on their recent visit to us with today's and we saw Chalkie, our mascot, sitting proudly on display in the clubhouse.It was indeed very hot and sunny so it was decided we would only play 14 ends with a break for refreshments after 7. Once we all took to the rinks there was a sea of blue as HI’s shirts are blue with yellow collars and cuffs! All the games were hard fought with each of our players doing their best against some very good, experienced Hayling Island bowlers. Despite our valiant efforts we lost with a final score of 72:28. Our 4 teams scored 6, 7 or 8 points against the opposition.Thank you Ivor for being our photographer for the day. 
Click to see PHOTOS.

Well didn't the sun shine brightly on us yesterday? Things got a little bit hot out on the rinks at times and I'm not just talking about the weather! There was some brilliant play by everyone during the afternoon, some dogged determination and hard fought games but we did, unfortunately, lose 48-71 overall.Team of the day goes to Geeti, Mary, David Lougher and Nuala, who took over from Mary after the tea break at 9 ends. This game was the closest of all of our games and Clanfield were down by one point after 17 ends. They fought hard to gain a single point on the last end to tie the game 14-14 – well done all. Thank you to all of you who played in the match yesterday, I have had some lovely comments about how much people enjoyed the match and the friendly welcome from our hosts. I think we should consider the idea of the 'wrong bias' fine jar, we could make a big difference to a charity of our choosing.
Click to see PHOTOS.
Debbie Martin and Nick Burford reached the Spring Singles Knockout Competition final which was played on Wednesday, 3 May 2023. A number of members came along to cheer them on and helped to keep the rain away!! Nick was the worthy winner and was presented with the Wendy Peters' Competition Shield which will be played for each year in memory of Wendy.
Click to see PHOTOS.

Well what a shame – weather looked quite reasonable at the get go and was boding well for a clear afternoon but then the rains came! That apart, our new friends, Hayling BC, turned out to be good sports (and good at sport as well) narrowly winning a reduced ends match by just 5 points with a final score line that went Clanfield 60, Hayling 65. No matter, some fun and laughter was still had and we will have the opportunity to play at our best in a return match at Hayling on Saturday, 10 June 2023. In the meantime:SPECIAL THANKS: Are awarded to Mary & Tom for stepping in at the last minute to save the day when two of our players had to drop out due to a family emergency. Also to Helen and Jo for laying on another superb catering show to brighten spirits when the monsoons made an appearance. Top rate - thanks ladies.SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS: Go to recent joiner Sue Barnes, who popped in to get an appreciation of what friendly matches entailed and then kindly ended up offering to take to match photos and ordering the splendid new team shirt! Nice one Sue. 

Thank you all!
Click to see PHOTOS.
FRIENDLY MATCH AGAINST MEON VALLEY (Away), Wednesday, 3 May 2023  
Well what a thoroughly enjoyable day out in the sunshine that was – and I wasn't even selected to play! Seriously, the weather was very kind and the playing surface was in fine fettle I am told, even though it was grass. Ian & Sally at Meon and the rest of their players made us most welcome and all in all a good time was had by all. At the end of the day it was a close match resulting in a 2 all draw in terms of our 4 teams. Yes but, I hear you say...well, the total scores at the end were Meon 65 and Clanfield 61 which, like Bridgemary, is remarkable since we were literally playing on their home 'turf' and they are another club that are very much into league play. So well done all. SPECIAL THANK YOU: Goes first to Andy for stepping in at the last minute when someone dropped out due to injury and to our Phil for organising a superb team photo.
Click to see PHOTOS.
Well how lucky were we with the weather yesterday at Bridgemary? It rained heavily in Clanfield for over an hour but there wasn’t any rain during the match – and what a match it was!Bridgemary is a grass surface and, until a week before our match, it had been unplayable because of all the rain we have had. Although it was a very difficult surface to play on, and many of us struggled with longer jack lengths, we put on an admirable performance and lost by just 2 points 60-58 overall.A couple of quick mentions, firstly to Frank Laskey, a relatively new member who, according to his team mates, played an absolute blinder helping them win their match convincingly. Secondly, to Neil Morgan, Debbie Martin and Ted McGrath who came back from 17-3 down after 10 ends to lose by just one point 18-17. So close!Thank you to everyone who played – there was a great atmosphere and we look forward to the return match later this year.
Click to see PHOTOS.
SPRING KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE, Thursday, 27 April 2023  
Rain didn’t stop Bowling!
After monitoring the weather forecast for days, the day of our Spring 2023 Knockout Challenge, dawned dry and grey. Ted prepared the rinks perfectly, bowlers arrived, pairs were drawn and bowling got under way. Meanwhile Helen opened the kitchen and started to prepare the lunch orders.
The day took a revised format as we had 5 players drop out during the days beforehand. This meant winners and highest loser progressed to round 2 of the Challenge, while the remaining round 1 losing pairs continued in the Knockout Plate. These bowlers don’t lose easily and there was a tie for highest loser requiring a play-off to determine which pair progressed in the Challenge!Following the 1st round and lunch, we ran all the remaining rounds without a break to avoid the looming rain clouds, almost finishing before the rain arrived. It was only the last ends of the finals that ended damp. The Challenge final proved a very tight match requiring an extra end to determine the winning pair – by 1 point!Everyone then hurried inside for tea, cakes and prizes.
Congratulations to our winners:
Knockout Challenge
Winners: Carol Carter / Mike Richardson 
Runners up: Teresa Attlee / Phil Malin
Knockout Plate
Winners: Debbie Martin / Neil Lane
Runners Up: Dave Restell Tom Costello
(Ivor as reserve from round 3)
Highest Score (in any round)
Carol Carter / Mike Richardson
with 24 points in Round 1
 Click HERE for a selection of photos.


FRIENDLY MATCH AGAINST COWPLAIN (Away), Thursday, 13 April 2023  
For our second match of the season we took the much shorter journey to Cowplain, a club we have played before, and one that welcomed us before we were even fully established to help us find out what this bowling lark was all about.The forecast for the afternoon had been looking a little dubious but, to badly quote a well-known song from Lerner and Lowe, 'the rain in Cowplain stayed mainly in the sky' (my apologies that it doesn't rhyme)Things weren't looking too bad at the break for tea after 9 ends. Two matches were extremely close with us being up by one point in one match and down by just one point in the other. Unfortunately I'm not sure if it was the intake of sugar from the lovely cakes but things went mainly downhill for us after that.We lost in the end by 80-37.Team of the Day – A fantastic effort by Andy, Caroline and Phil who played in a thrillingly tight match. It was a low scoring affair with the lead changing by just one point throughout most of the match. They levelled the score to 10-10 after 17 ends but, unfortunately, lost the last end by one when the Cowplain skip chose not to bowl his last wood as they were holdingMany thanks to all of you who played in this match.
Click to see PHOTOS.
FRIENDLY MATCH AGAINST BRAESIDE (Away), Sunday, 2 April 2023  
Well, ‘didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Braeside...’.  It turned out to be a charming little club nestling on the edge of the New Forest, the welcome was heart-warming, the opposition charming and the sun even came out to warm us all up from time to time – they even laid on a super spread afterwards including hot (admittedly cold) cross buns!Seriously, for anyone who had any concerns about travel time (circa 55mins) it was well worth it and  we are very much looking forward to welcoming these lovely folk to our Club in September.A further bonus, for our first match in 2023, is a win by 50-44 with 2 out of our 3 teams winning their game. Well done everyone! SPECIAL PERFORMANCE AWARD:  Goes to our relatively new joiner, Frank Laskey, who  played a blinder in helping his team (Carol & Sam) win 21-16 (and afterwards said he thoroughly enjoyed himself) – nice one Frank.SPECIALTHANK YOU:  No doubt about this award – it goes to Phil Malin who stepped in and save the day when one of our players unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute because of illness. Thanks buddy – we all appreciate that one!SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT AWARD On this occasion this rare and indeed much coveted award goes to Tom for the continuous stream of good craic all afternoon and,  (has to be said in the voice of the Heineken advert or was it Carlsberg…) ‘possibly the best Michael Crawford impersonation in the world’! Thanks Tom.
Click to see PHOTOS.

GOOD FRIDAY EASTER ROLL UP, Friday, 7 April 2023   
We had an eggsellent turnout with 20 members arriving on Good Friday for the Easter fun competition. Unfortunately our guests, Shelton John and Egg Sheeran sat on a wall, had a great fall and were unable to make it!
  We had an eggsellent turnout with 20 members arriving on Good Friday for the Easter fun competition. Unfortunately our guests, Shelton John and Egg Sheeran sat on a wall, had a great fall and were unable to make it!     
Name that Chick prize went to Alan Dickinson for the name Dixie Chick.

Everyone made a big effort to wear something yellow – the best all round dressed Egg was Di Pickford.

A great thank you to Jo & David Lougher and Phil Malin for collecting monies and setting up the rinks and thank you to our Chairman David for presenting the prizes.A big thank you to Yvonne for working hard in the kitchen providing tea/coffee and hot cross buns.Well done to all of the players for making it such a successful event.
Click to see PHOTOS. 
ST PATRICK'S DAY THEMED ROLL UP, Friday, 17 March 2023  
Well Paddy Day Tuairisc (correctly spelt)We had 12 people turn up to be rewarded by a beautiful sunny day.Two lots of triples battled it out on the carpet. Under Irish rules both games finished in a draw. There was, of course, some talent on parade…Those who excelled today were Alan O'TooleSue GuinnessRoger PaisleyTeresa Murphy, and David Wilde. All were honoured with outstanding prizes.The player of the day was Smokey Ivor Best who was presented with the gold trophy which was nicked by the little people but we won't mention The Pickford Table Lamp.
VALENTINES DAY ROLL UP, Friday, 17 February 2023  
The weather was a nightmare this week but we eventually celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday, 17 February 2023 with 13 loved-up members taking part!! ❤️

The fun started with a competition Bowl at the Love Bird!! After a shoot out between Caroline Cahill and Sue Dickinson, Sue went home with the bird! 
Well done
Spot Prizes were awarded to:
Sue and Alan Dickinson for being the Best Loved-up Couple. ????
David Lougher for Wearing his Heart on his Sleeve.????
The Bowls Competition was a close call finishing with 14 points achieved by the winners, Teresa Attlee and Caroline Cahill, followed up closely by the runners up, Neil Lane and David Charleton, with 13 points.
A big thanks to Nuala for organising this very enjoyable event which was rounded off with well-earned hot drinks in the Pavilion. Take a look at a few PHOTOS that confirm fun was had by all.

BURNS NIGHT ROLL UP Thursday, 26 January 2023
Despite the cold there was a great turnout for this themed roll up. 16 bowlers braved the cold and ventured out to bowl while a few more stayed in the warmth of the Pavilion to give them moral support! After 8 ends Linda McWilliam and David Lougher were declared the winners with Sue Heighton and Phil Malin runners up.
Click to see PHOTOS.

The intention was to start the day at 10:30 with the first round of triples matches followed by lunch before the second round of triples matches and mince pies and mulled wine.smileUnfortunately, the temperature on the day was very low so bowling was delayed until the afternoon. The morning wasn't wasted though as everyone took part in a quiz and enjoyed a tasty lunch before braving the cold weather and venturing out onto the rinks.smile

Click HERE for the original programme.

The 2022 Friendly Matches Programme is now over. Click HERE for details of the matches and a request for information to help plan next year's programme.

KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE DAYS – Friday, 29 April and Saturday, 3 September 2022  
Caroline organised 2 very successful Knockout Challenge Competitions for us this year. Both days were thoroughly enjoyed by both bowlers and spectators. Click HERE to see some photos taken at the first competitions and HERE to read Caroline's report on the second competition.